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I summarized the very content of the first part the best I could. 2-3 pages long in length, according to Microsoft Word!

A Gist of Mari’s Past, Part 1.

(Please keep in mind that this OC is and always will be multi-fandom. I’ve had this muse for almost as long when I started to RP on blogging sites, years ago. After making a few major changes and being completely honest in taking the Mary Sue online test, she is not Mary Sue. She has her limitations, a realistic range of emotions, flaws, and insecurities. I’ve developed Mari thoroughly. Mary Sue and Gary Stu writers don’t give this much attention towards their original characters.)

Mari Broderick has been through so much in her life—enough to drive most people toward insanity, most especially if they went through it all alone.

Throughout her childhood to months after she turned twenty-one years old, she had lived a very ordinary life in her Earth dimension, in the suburbs of southern Maryland of the United States. She took over the family florist business soon after she graduated high school in 2002. Mid-October of the year 2005 was when her life had begun to drastically change.

It all started when she first found a blog site called Blurty.com, and had just made an account on it. While browsing around and looking through the journals, she had found what she had assumed to be roleplay character journals of Final Fantasy Eight characters—though they weren’t part of any game communities she tended to just lurk and read over the scenes.

Squall Leonhart had always been her most favorite from the game. The possible reason behind this was in middle school when she at times felt like a loner, and felt like half of her peers were scorning and annoying her.

When she read what she thought was a fictional blog entry about the discovery of a world called Earth, and saw that there were responses by someone whose username had the word hotdog in it; Zell Dincht.

Mari, on impulse, decided to comment in out-of-character parenthesis, commenting out-of-character that what she believed to be roleplay was an interesting idea, and that the player was writing out Squall’s character really well. The reply she received back came off as both serious and confused.

She backed off out of her own confusion, thinking that guy was taking his RP too seriously, and read on Zell’s blog to see if this other assumed roleplayer was being just as ridiculous. She read one of Zell’s entries that described a place she lived close to, and how shocked he seemed when he linked to a roleplaying community on Livejournal.com, and a news article about Final Fantasy Eight--including a picture of the front cover of the PlayStation game case.

This made Mari feel paranoid. She at first suspected that these guys were creepers who were stalking her, but that went away the more she heard from them both.

They only wanted to meet and talk with her about what she knew about the Final Fantasy Eight video game. Ahead of time, she had contacted a friend online about what she had just discovered, her best friend who lived in another state of the U.S.; Crystal Wolfven.

The next day, after being assured that Squall and Zell were actually really them, as real people and that they were not out to get her, the three of them met at her flower shop in St. Leonard. She showed them her copy of her strategy guide and talked with them in private.

A strange phenomenon was first discovered by a student at Balamb Garden outside in a field past the academy grounds. She reported it. Squall, Zell, and Seifer Almasy (to his reluctance) had decided to go investigate. The light blue hue, inches above the ground was a portal to behind a local movie theater in the next town north of St. Leonard.

(Seifer had gone his own separate way to do the mission alone. That was why he wasn’t with the other two who spoke with Mari.)

On both sides, surprising truths were revealed. The three from Gala did not know a thing at all about the Final Fantasy Eight game before the portal was discovered, and that the game didn’t mention about Seifer’s younger sister, Sophia. Sophia’s daughter and ex-husband were not in what many people in Mari’s world knew as video game's story. It made her speculate if they came from a sort of alternate reality Square Enix had no knowledge of.

All this was just a start of a really intense and eventful week and a half. Instead of going through everything that happened, I’ll highlight some events of importance.

-Kuja Tribal arrived from his own alternate reality, not long after Squall, Zell, and Seifer did. He had been contacted online by Squall and Mari to have an important talk with him. To their misfortune, he had the ability to take control of other people around them. (It had been a long while since the last time she played the ninth Final Fantasy, but she was absolutely certain that the Kuja in the game plot she remembered did not have this ability.)

-The appearances of more other-worlders as Mari, Crystal, and their allies agreed to call them, started appearing in places around their world, gradually at first. Towards the middle of that same week, the appearances increased rather quickly.

-Crystal and some other people Mari had known longer than all the other-worlders had started to change in appearance, and gain abilities they never had before.

-Mari had a near-death experience, no thanks to Kuja Tribal.

-Eventually, the side of good figured out what was bringing all these folks from various realms into hers; supernatural beings of a mixture of mischief and sadism (for the most part) called Mind Wraiths. Mari, Crystal, and those who had met Squall and the many others were being haunted by them. Just as the other-worlders were individual, the Mind Wraiths were too.

-The only good one of these terrible menaces for spirits attached herself to an online friend of Mari’s and Crystal’s, in the form of a cat.

-Other villains from other realities appeared.

-Her friend Crystal had been so badly affected by everything that she had to be secured at a mental hospital, especially after having been temporarily transformed into a Wingly and demon hybrid.

-Just as Mind Wraiths left, all the other-worlders had disappeared. Mari and her friends at her old home world had hoped they had all returned to where they belonged.

OOC Notice, Related to Part 1 of Mari's Past

A lot of part 1 is based from what I remember from this epic RP game some friends of mine had going until it got discontinued. I preferred to incorporate much of what I remember from that game (with some slight changes of details) to be her memories. To have survived that particular week of stress, chaos, and meeting all of who she once knew as fictional is the reason why the sentient Nexus world regarded her in the first place.

To know anyone else that she's met, just ask. There's quite a lot.

If the concept of her having to meet anyone over again (for the second or third time) is too much to wrap your mind around, then I understand. I'm flexible! She could just meet them for the first time. Her 4th walling is discreet. Meaning she won't go out and blurt, "Oh, you're ____, from ___!" Nothing like that. She would withhold that info until a later time after they get to know each other. (Once and only once, during that intense week I summed up did she blurt out something so 4th-wall breaking by mistake.)

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