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For those who RP on Twitter, the way I do it is slightly different. Most of Mari's tweets are open to all, unless I use #SpecificRP and the other character(s) username I tag to.

I just wanted to say that to clear up any future confusion!

I RP in detail too. If you want, we could do longer posts through www.twitlonger.com so there's less multiple tweets.

For those who'd like to optionally tag with Mari as just a normal human person for one 'verse, before all that intense stuff started happening to her, then that could be interesting, I suppose. Maybe some more backstory can be developed for our characters.

I have other optional settings for verses on Twitter... If you'd like the setting to be at Mari's home world (Nexus), send a Direct Message to Mari's account there, and we will plot a bit on how a scene could start out.

Mari's main 'verse at Twitter is at an Earth Parallel taking place somewhere in Japan. She and her friend Jake Berenson are both there, for they escaped Nexus while everyone else there tries their best to hold Vertigo at bay. (Vertigo's RP Twitter account will be coming soon!) Because Vertigo wants to rule the Nexus and Mari happens to be the chosen vessel to possess her core, she's a target.

For any comments, concerns, and questions tweet by OOC or send Direct message please.

Is there anything else you think I need to put on this post? Send your suggestions an OOC tweet or Direct Message!

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