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A Gist of Mari’s Past, Part 2.

(Heads up! This is going to be sort of longer than part one.)

If the Mind Wrath majority continued to troll around, the end of world she grew up in would have happened. At least, that’s something Mari would say after taking the time to break some of the details down into smaller pieces to explain to those who weren’t there.

In her old home world, she and her family had to move elsewhere, and change their names. They wanted to live and be left alone in peace. If they had stayed, the media would have caused her father to want to return to alcoholism. Tom Broderick had said so himself. Mari, nor her mother Linda, wanted that to happen. So, they moved to another state, through the financial help of friends who didn’t blame them.

Mari had saved up her money to travel unnoticed to see her friend Crystal whenever she could, who had remained to be traumatized at the institution that helped her stay fed, calm, and well rested. Mari had been one of two people who had been there for her. Mari had met the other visitor twice; Crystal’s mother.

In mid-spring of 2006, Mari had unexpectedly found herself around some familiar other-worlders’ faces who also looked confused. (In the back of her mind, that term for people not from her world had so quickly resurfaced, after some months.)

It did take a long while for Mari to go over what she knew about them, from the game to how she got to know them as actual people. It was difficult in places, to talk about what happened to Crystal, how Kuja almost killed her, and more... All of those intense memories altogether needed to be explained a bit at a time.

It was the young Mako-enhanced cyborg, Shelke Rui, who pondered the possibility of there being more than one of the same person. Mari didn’t question it, and kept an open mind. The more they discussed this, the more they all came to understand that the Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Sephiroth, Yazoo, and everyone else she saw and/or communicated to in her world were parallel versions of them. No one’s memories were erased.

Together, they also noticed that none of these Mind Wraiths came around. It bugged the hell out of Mari as she wondered why they weren’t doing anything to mess with their heads. However, more people started showing up overtime, other human beings.

As the other new residents alongside Mari explored the world they were in, they learned about the demonic wolves that lived in the forests. They noticed how meats such as pork, beef, and fish just happened to be there in the grocery store when there had been no farm lands or much water to search for the fish.

Loved ones back on their home worlds were very much missed. Mari worried about her parents worrying over her. Sometimes, in her family, to her it seemed like she was a sort of glue that held everyone together, living under one roof for so long.

Everyone decided that maybe this strange world wasn’t the doing of the Mind Wraiths. They wouldn’t have mysteriously provided the fresh meats and dairy products in stores, for example. Mari was certain that they cared less if she and her friends were either kept well fed, or starved to death in the town that was relatively small. There were times when the demonic wolves decided to invade the town. They found ways to defend themselves against them.

There were debates and speculations to try and find the logic when there was so little to be found. There didn’t seem to be a way off of this world either, that seemed to have a sentience to it.

Mari, and a few other citizens who found themselves here who had read science fiction and fantasy novels in the past. They came to agree on what this world actually was, and why some people disappeared and came back, saying they must have been sent back to their worlds for a while. This world was a sentient nexus. Despite the randomness and weirdness that occurred, it wasn’t out to kill or harm them.

A demon wolf they captured said his kind had always lived in this world before Nexus brought any humans along. This creature wasn’t afraid to share information about the leader of his kind. Past the town, and deep into the forest was a castle, protected by a magic barrier no one had been able to disable. The transparent symbols on the force field didn’t relate to any of the urban legends written about in Sam and Dean’s Earth, a parallel dimension that was slightly different from Mari’s.

A small number of people in town had been captured alive by the demon wolves, according to some witnesses who survived and escaped from a pack consisting of four to five of them. Some months after that started happening, a new nemesis appeared—a large reptile that looked like a dinosaur.

This was one more individual Mari had recognized as just a fictional video game character before noticing she was the real deal. The dinosaur with powers to teleport, communicate telepathically, and read the minds of people without their consent was named Vertigo. A video game Mari liked a lot ever since she was twelve years old had fighting dinosaur gods in it, titled Primal Rage. Vertigo looked exactly like the second most selected fighter she’d play as.

As soon as Vertigo discovered Nexus, she wanted to rule it. So few worlds were ever this powerful. She formed an alliance with the alpha demon wolf and resided with him in the castle, taking her insane and almost just as powerful human sorceress with her.

Another horrible goddess of insanity (who could create and release her own assortment of creatures to terrorize people on Nexus) later appeared. She, her emissary and most devoted servant, and a former surgeon from the 1700's all arrived on the same day. Her presence meant competition to Vertigo, while Vertigo was a playmate in the other goddess's perspective.

As there were luckily more allies than foes Mari knew in Nexus for up to seven years, she one day noticed she had been sent back to her home world without any warning. The few months she had returned were for the most part heart-breaking. Her father had passed away, her mother was terminally ill, and when she had time to visit Crystal for the first time in years, her old best friend was so upset that she shouted and cursed at her.

Timo, one of the old friends of Mari’s that had survived the week when the Mind Wraiths came around, had called her and wanted to meet up with her in Germany. His voice on the phone sounded rather urgent.

Hours after she had arrived there, a humanoid cybernetic humanoid abomination had attacked and killed the driver of the taxi she was riding in. Running for her life, she was rescued by a brave man who wore mostly white, and had long blonde hair. He introduced himself as Magwald Xargin. In listening to his decently good English, he seemed like a nice man. Also, he was a Christian. She would have been as safe as one could be around him if he hadn’t pinned her to the ground and bled from his palm into her mouth.

Mari ran off as soon as she was released. There was no sign of Timo, and she felt terrified at the thought of him being attacked those metallic monsters she had stayed far away from... There were times in which she’d hallucinate and see more of them, or have nightmares about them.

For the next two days, she had been on her own. The locals in the town she was supposed to meet Timo at were either discriminate of foreigners, or had shut themselves indoors. Gradually overtime, the visions and nightmares were getting worse.

Just as she was reaching her wit’s end, someone who had experienced the same problems as she did (also after being infected with Xargin’s blood) found her, and helped her not give in and become a nanotech monster. Through Joseph Jobson’s support and guidance, she was able to remain as herself, but now had so many nano-machines mixed in with her blood, organs, skin, etc.

Through Joseph, she had learned about Xargin’s plan; to eliminate the human race and replace them with those turned into those monsters. She also was told the terrible news of how impossible it was to find a cure to reverse the epidemic.

There was also a teenaged boy who had also become infected. Joseph had found him and rescued him from getting shot down by an elite police force who were trained to take down these nano-cyborgs, that were called Amalgams, or Demoniacs.

Joseph had been severely injured, stepping in the way to take the hit of a powerful bullet that was meant to kill Malek Werner, the infected young man, who Amanda(one of the officers on the mission) had adopted as her younger brother so long ago, before the nanotech infections started spreading.

That morning, when Xargin had come to the church and found the three of them who chose the place as a hideout, Mari had helped to defend both Joseph and Malek, first discovering she could move so much faster than before, and could lift things that no single human person could.

Joseph had recovered enough to join in the fight, and then Xargin escaped. Nexus must have been aware of what the situation was over there, for the three of them were transported there not long after this battle.

Mari had reunited with her close friends she had grown to love like a second family, and together the three Amalgam-human hybrids explained what went down in Germany on their Earth. She was in tears as she told them what happened with her parents, and Crystal.

Nexus had brought Xargin and his general so that justice could be served, but this action had turned into a war for survival that lasted for almost three years. Xargin was a crafty bastard, the Amalgam attack drones that were designed to be smart and stealthy killing machines.

It was during a time in which she felt so insecure and scared of herself when she first met Genesis Rhapsodos. For him, it was love at first sight. He understood Mari’s fears, and what Xargin did. She also explained about having to keep her emotions constantly in check, for if she got much too scared or angry—then the nanotech in her body would threaten to take over her body and make her hurt human beings unintentionally.

Things had gotten so bad in this war that Nexus began acting up more than usual. More and more people were coming and going. Nexus itself had completely changed its setting to a small single island, surrounded by ocean waters. There were hidden spots around this island that caused parts of the land to tremble and slowly sink into the watery abyss.

Mari, and a few of her friends were sent to aid some other friends on their Earth they had been sent to. Long, before the Amalgam War on Nexus had begun, they met a selfless man who could mimic the genetic abilities of others, and a secret agent who was also a loving father of two children.

Towards the end of the war against Xargin, his generals (one of them from a close friend's past), and the Amalgam drones... the heroes learned that Nexus’s sentience was feminine. The vessel she chose was an unwilling and ruthless woman who could do much offensive damage. Through Rosso the Crimson, Nexus talked to Mari to form a compromise. At first, she was very reluctant for quite a few reasons, including the unresolved issues that took place on her original world about her parents, and Crystal.

Eventually, Mari did agree to save the only home and family she had left, and received Nexus’s power core into her body. Mari, Genesis, and Nexus’s persona in Rosso, and the rest of their friends—new and old—went to put a stop to Xargin and his allies once and for all.

Xargin and one of the generals had both been severely weakened. And imprisoned. The other had already been killed.

Also, now that Mari has become the chosen vessel to protect Nexus's power core, she's been immortal for some months.

OOC Note About Part 2 of Mari’s History.

Once more, to know who else Mari has met in the Nexus, just ask! I can be really flexible with this muse when it comes to meeting and interacting with your characters. Just send me a PM and we'll discuss it.

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