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It's nice of you to stop by and take a look on this character journal. To be helpful and not be overbearing, I’d like for you to understand that I have a bit of trouble when it comes to writing. I'm also overly creative.

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The 2 part history of the major crazy-scary things that’s happened in this character’s life has been recently as shortened and simplified as I can possibly make it, for those who just can’t be bothered to read a really thick history.

For part 2, I kept to a small number of names. I removed, trimmed, and kept straight to the point with all the really important details. I've done the best I've could!! Truth be told, they're not nearly as long as some fan fiction chapters I've written a while back.

Yes, this OC's been through so much but I've only covered the few most major events that occurred in her past. Part 2 is longer than part 1 but not by too much!
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[[OOC cont: This also takes place a little before she found out Egon Spengler started following her Twitter account! To those who may be curious; both RP scenes and in-character tweets happen on her Twitter.]]

Subject: Can't seem to find the off switch in my brain tonight.

I tried going to sleep, I really did! Just when I'm getting used to sleeping more normally, it's going backwards...

At least it has nothing to do about bad dreams. I doubt they've left me entirely, but hey. They're not nearly as consistent as they used to be. Everyone who's survived in the war Current Xargin had started knew about how I wouldn't sleep at all on some nights. I'd either go alone or someone else to blow off steam in taking out the drones that attempted to invade town, infecting people.

It will still be a while until every one of our inward scars, our still-fresh memories of the previous war, fade.

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Who: Zero, X, Jake Berenson, Kazuma Yagami, and Mari Broderick

What: Mari teleports her two new allies to meet up with two close friends to share and verify their ideas for putting a stop to a demi-god version of the Joker

When: After this scene here

Where: Kazuma Yagami's Earth Dimension, somewhere in Japan

"Here we are," Mari announced as they arrived on the suburban street where Jake and her stayed at the house Kazuma had paid for. She turned to where the wrecked car and broken sidewalk were. She frowned at the mess she had made when she fought that endurable version of what could be a copycat of the Joker. He used the same weapons and looked about the same as what she recognized most from the comics, and Batman: The Animated Series.

"Hopefully the car owner got my anonymous apology letter by now." Normally, she didn't get this angry at someone. She also didn't often meet anyone that had an unlimited amount of invincibility who couldn't stay down when thrown around or punched really, really hard.

"This way." She sighed and turned back around, up the steps of the little porch, and opened the front door.
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For those who RP on Twitter, the way I do it is slightly different. Most of Mari's tweets are open to all, unless I use #SpecificRP and the other character(s) username I tag to.

I just wanted to say that to clear up any future confusion!

I RP in detail too. If you want, we could do longer posts through www.twitlonger.com so there's less multiple tweets.

For those who'd like to optionally tag with Mari as just a normal human person for one 'verse, before all that intense stuff started happening to her, then that could be interesting, I suppose. Maybe some more backstory can be developed for our characters.

I have other optional settings for verses on Twitter... If you'd like the setting to be at Mari's home world (Nexus), send a Direct Message to Mari's account there, and we will plot a bit on how a scene could start out.

Mari's main 'verse at Twitter is at an Earth Parallel taking place somewhere in Japan. She and her friend Jake Berenson are both there, for they escaped Nexus while everyone else there tries their best to hold Vertigo at bay. (Vertigo's RP Twitter account will be coming soon!) Because Vertigo wants to rule the Nexus and Mari happens to be the chosen vessel to possess her core, she's a target.

For any comments, concerns, and questions tweet by OOC or send Direct message please.

Is there anything else you think I need to put on this post? Send your suggestions an OOC tweet or Direct Message!

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A Major Gist of Mari's Past, Part 2
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I summarized the very content of the first part the best I could. 2-3 pages long in length, according to Microsoft Word!


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A Major Gist of Mari's Past, Part 2

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Skills and Hobbies: Mari knows how to bake sweet things. If it’s a really good day, or if she’s just in the mood to do it, she would bake cakes, cookies, pie, brownies, or cupcakes. She of course would share them. (Even when she isn’t baking, she still has a sweet tooth. Or may have a craving for sour and sweet foods.)

She’s a geek, and proud of it. She likes so many movies, books, good prime time TV shows, some anime... She’s got into a handful of comic books and manga. She also enjoys video games, but board games a little more. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get much time or opportunity to engage in these activities.

Mari’s got a good, sharp memory. She listens to details on some things, and people. When it’s something really important that matters to her, she would be able to describe it. She’s able to remember a lot from her past, good and bad. Yet, there are times when her memory is selective on anything or anyone she didn’t like and weren’t very memorable to begin with. Also, she’s memorized how to chant certain magic spells she read in an ancient tome years ago; healing spells, a magic shield, a few magic attack spells, and two others.

Once in a while, she may be inspired to write a poem. A lot of them are based on her emotions or thoughts on certain experiences or events.

She’s been into writing for years, so it’s no surprise that she has a blog. She’s into social networking a little bit. She’s often lived a very active life. So, she doesn’t spend a lot of time online.

Mari is decent in her doodling (simple cartoon stuff like stick figures, hearts, balloons, and thick, decorative lettering). She sometimes includes that when figuring out how to design things with friends who are into that sort of thing.

She loves music, and can sing. (Mostly throughout school, she attended choir classes.) Her two top favorite genres of music to listen to are rock music and electronica. Showtunes fall in at a close second. Jazzy and soundtrack material for instrumentals interest her too.

Abilities: Mari is faster and stronger than she looks, due to the thousands upon thousands of nano-bots in her body, mixed in with her blood, skin tissue, etc. She has enhanced speed and strength. She can run almost as fast as her friend Malek, who has the same nanotech inside him. He can move in the time it would take most to blink their eyes.

She can hack into any kind of machine through touch, sending mental commands to “talk” to them. What she’s capable of doing with machines are using them for what they were made to do, shutting them down permanently, helping others to figure out what needs fixing, and disabling security systems. (No, she’d never use these powers for personal gain. She has a strong sense of what’s wrong and what’s right.)

On the palm of her right hand is a tattoo that’s a thin three pointed star surrounded by symbols altogether in a circle. Good luck trying to find out what those symbols mean, to those who are curious enough to try. No one’s been able to figure that out yet... At will, she can not only make the tattoo glow, but summon any weapon or object she can visualize from it. Her most preferred weapons of choice are katanas, broadswords, and spears. Sometimes she may choose to use a baseball bat.

All weapons and objects she summons are constructed from nanotech. They apparently are also capable of repairing themselves, meaning she’s self-healable when wounded. A typical wound would heal itself within a day. A severe wound may take her at least a week recover from.

Lastly, on having to do with her nanotech, she has an alternate armored form. It’s best to cover your eyes for a minute, for there’s a blinding light that emits from her during the brief transformation to her wearing her armor, and returning to her original form. The colors of her armor are primarily gold and black. (Pic 1! Pic 2!)

Recently, she has reluctantly agreed to be the carrier of her world’s power core when it was in serious danger of being destroyed; this intense bright light sphere that represents the source of her home nexus’s endless power and life. So far, she has figured out how to teleport from world to world, and take part of her nanotech abilities up a notch in an unbelievably wide range of communication towards others.

All of the powers she shares with the Nexus herself (this world having a feminine, motherly sentience) requires a little concentration. If Mari’s unable to stay still and not be distracted, then she cannot perform these tasks. In addition to receiving her core, which is a limitless source of life and power, she's pretty much immortal. Her aging process has slowed down by a lot now.

How she figured out how to reach out to communicate to people in more than one universe was simple. She relied on her past memories to visualize what they look like. (This will be further explained in a section that’s related to her character history—that is if you’re interested enough to read it.)

That’s about it for now, because she hasn’t had the power core inside her for very long. She hasn’t figured out all of what she can do, or discovered any limitations to sharing her world’s powers. Any further discoveries about what she can do will be listed, followed by the links to the RP scenes that describe them.

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A Major Gist of Mari's Past, Part 1

A Major Gist of Mari's Past, Part 2

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Yeah, it's about time! I've stalled and been lazy about this long enough. ^^;

Name: Mari Broderick

D.O.B.: January 17th, 1984

Relationship Status: Has a boyfriend, Genesis Rhapsodos (FF7 AU)

Description: Her height is five feet, three inches tall. She’s a little on the skinny side. Inevitably, she has a good work out defending for her friends and the innocent. Fighting monsters and running around tends to burn a lot of calories.

Mari is Caucasian. Her skin has a healthy tan to it. She would usually typically let her red hair grow long enough to end a little past her shoulders. Her current new hair style is shorter, the strands crisscrossing in the middle and fanned out on both sides of her head. She tends to call this new look her “otaku hair”.

Mari’s eyes are brown in color.

Her sense of fashion is mostly simple; if there is clothing with a comfortable fit in addition to suit her interests, then she’d keep them. She likes to dress casually comfortable a lot of the time; jeans or shorts, sneakers and socks. T-shirts and sweatshirts. She only wears sandals during a day when it's warm, and she can relax.

Does she wear dresses? Yes, but only for special occasions; dates, and formal events.

Personality Traits: Her personality type is ISFJ – introverted, sensing, feeling, judging. She is selfless, loyal, and caring toward all her friends. Her closest of friends are like family to her.

When her friends are in danger, she stands up and fights for them. At times she may act very protective over them, when around people she does not know well. She’s protective of them as she is protective of herself, when it comes to discussing a lot about them, and herself. There are certain friends she is more protective of than others. The well being and safety of them all matters to her a lot.

If any of her friends are clearly sad, depressed, or upset about something, she would do what she can to be there for them. If she's able to help cheer them up and give them advice based on her experiences and knowledge, then she would do just that.

When threatened, her words come off as sarcastic, harsh, or both—depending on how much danger there is, and how well she knows certain enemies. Violence is usually decided as a last resort, when the opposition cannot be reasoned with by any means. She is also often careful of what she says around enemies.

By default, she is sweet, friendly, and polite. She’d never intend to do any harm towards anyone who doesn’t deserve it. She’d prefer to avoid violence if it can be avoided. There are times in which she would try to be the peacemaker when her friends argue, and/or can’t agree on something.

She knows her life is at times really beyond the average standards of what is normal. She also knows her enemies would show no mercy towards anyone, no matter how old or young a person is.

Making new friends isn’t always easy for her, however. If she is cautious and being protective about how much she can talk about her loved ones for example, trusting new people would be a tricky thing for her to do. She holds back on certain details, and observes as she interacts with strangers who are adults. If she senses something suspicious about them, she would often call them out on it.

She despises sneaky and dishonest individuals. She resents them. Honesty is something she values and holds close to heart.

Towards most children she doesn’t know, she simply puts a limit to how much she can share with them, especially when she would not want to endanger them if she reveals too much. She gets along just fine with them, and has experience as a babysitter towards the very young kids.

Mari’s sense of humor at times varies from harmless to dark. She can be funny and joke around when she wants to, with people she feels comfortable around. She may not be the wittiest person, but she could think of clever funny things to say towards her friends based on what she knows about them, being the good listener she is.

Mari tends to focus the most on the present. If there’s nothing really sad or scary alongside one or more memories she cherishes as good ones, then she wouldn’t mind talking about them. (When a subject involves her nuclear family and old best friend Crystal Wolfven for example, she would not want to even think about them. She’d get upset over talking about them.)

As for the future, she’s too skittish and insecure inside to really ponder about it. When living in an absurdly complicated world where just about anything could happen at any time, it’s best to stick with what’s happening now. In her past experiences (so long ago), stressing or freaking out about every wrong thing never did anyone any good.

Her biggest fears revolve around becoming someone she wouldn’t like at all, along with being all alone and unable to be around those she currently loves so much.

Mari is a sensitive person. There are times in which she cannot be easily frightened. She can be brave when she has to be, yet there are certain situations and individuals that can bring the fear right out of her. She’s also empathetic, and able to pick up on general emotions others feel.

There are certain enemies and situations that anger her. Or she may be so stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed to a point where it would be easy to rile her up. If any of her friends end up being really hurt or frightened by something or someone she wasn’t able to do anything for, she might get very mad about it. The people who piss her off the most are the pushy and/or narcissistic types who’d want to either destroy or rule over others regardless on how they feel.

There may be certain individuals who would piss her off so much that she wouldn't hesitate to attempt to hurt them so bad that they'd need to go to the hospital--in the very least. She's never had to kill an actual human being yet, but she has killed monsters, and attacking cyborgs that were once human.

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