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[[OOC cont: This also takes place a little before she found out Egon Spengler started following her Twitter account! To those who may be curious; both RP scenes and in-character tweets happen on her Twitter.]]

Subject: Can't seem to find the off switch in my brain tonight.

I tried going to sleep, I really did! Just when I'm getting used to sleeping more normally, it's going backwards...

At least it has nothing to do about bad dreams. I doubt they've left me entirely, but hey. They're not nearly as consistent as they used to be. Everyone who's survived in the war Current Xargin had started knew about how I wouldn't sleep at all on some nights. I'd either go alone or someone else to blow off steam in taking out the drones that attempted to invade town, infecting people.

It will still be a while until every one of our inward scars, our still-fresh memories of the previous war, fade.

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