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Who: Zero, X, Jake Berenson, Kazuma Yagami, and Mari Broderick

What: Mari teleports her two new allies to meet up with two close friends to share and verify their ideas for putting a stop to a demi-god version of the Joker

When: After this scene here

Where: Kazuma Yagami's Earth Dimension, somewhere in Japan

"Here we are," Mari announced as they arrived on the suburban street where Jake and her stayed at the house Kazuma had paid for. She turned to where the wrecked car and broken sidewalk were. She frowned at the mess she had made when she fought that endurable version of what could be a copycat of the Joker. He used the same weapons and looked about the same as what she recognized most from the comics, and Batman: The Animated Series.

"Hopefully the car owner got my anonymous apology letter by now." Normally, she didn't get this angry at someone. She also didn't often meet anyone that had an unlimited amount of invincibility who couldn't stay down when thrown around or punched really, really hard.

"This way." She sighed and turned back around, up the steps of the little porch, and opened the front door.

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