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It's nice of you to stop by and take a look on this character journal. To be helpful and not be overbearing, I’d like for you to understand that I have a bit of trouble when it comes to writing. I'm also overly creative.

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The 2 part history of the major crazy-scary things that’s happened in this character’s life has been recently as shortened and simplified as I can possibly make it, for those who just can’t be bothered to read a really thick history.

For part 2, I kept to a small number of names. I removed, trimmed, and kept straight to the point with all the really important details. I've done the best I've could!! Truth be told, they're not nearly as long as some fan fiction chapters I've written a while back.

Yes, this OC's been through so much but I've only covered the few most major events that occurred in her past. Part 2 is longer than part 1 but not by too much!

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