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"I'm one of the most abnormal people I know. Seriously."

Mari Broderick

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Name:Mari Broderick
Birthdate:Jan 17
Hi. I'm Mari. Complicated is the story of my life. Want to know why?

-I've lived in two different worlds.

-You wouldn't believe me when I start talking about any of my friends.

-I've seen and experienced too much, more than most people ever would in a lifetime. Thanks to all those close friends who are like family to me, who've been through the hard times with me, I haven't lost my sanity. (They're all awesome. I love them. My BF most of all! <3)

I'd have to break everything down into itty bitty pieces and simplify things for you to understand anything about my past. That is, if I find you trustworthy...

There are a few things I can't reveal to the public on here, for very good reasons. I'd rather not endanger the innocent, or my friends.

I'd like to say I am a very nice person at default. I care about people. I try to see the brighter side of things, even when I get the crappy end of the stick at times.

I can be geeky, and silly when I want to be. And I all I really want is to live happily and safely in my crazy home world with those I love.

Yet, *sings* some daaaaays, some daaaaays, some days, some days, just ain't soooooooo eeeeeeasyyyy!

Edited in on 11/02/2015: If you want, you may ask me a question. Nothing too personal or stupid please!

[[Muse and Mun are over 20. This is a non-profit RP account. Muse is an original and well rounded character. A more in depth biography can be found HERE! Though, before you do that, please look here first.]]
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