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It's nice of you to stop by and take a look on this character journal. To be helpful and not be overbearing, I’d like for you to understand that I have a bit of trouble when it comes to writing. I'm also overly creative.

I also have stuff I need to get off my chest, without being bitter or resentful about it. To anyone who doesn’t want anything to do with a lengthy OOC post about my struggles on being a better role-player; this is a safe place for you to exit this entry to go do something else.

...You’re still here? Okay then. I’ll try not to take up a lot of your time. I assure you, I’m writing this with the best intentions in mind towards role-players everywhere.

First of all, I want to explain a writing problem I’ve had for a long time. Summarizing has always been one of my weaknesses. For example; on fanfiction.net, there’s a limited amount of character spaces for typing out a brief and decent enough summary. For one of my most popular stories, a Death Note manga one titled “Collide”, the whole summary I had did not fit in the summary box. However, it did not take up three pages or more. It’s just a few short paragraphs.

Character biographies and stories are two separate things of course. I just wanted to point out that I’m capable of writing up to more than ten pages for something when I really put enough brain power and time into it. ^^;

It was not easy for me on having to compile the things that turned Mari’s life upside down the most, the first time.

I suck at writing short summarizations due to having such a knack for details. I like details, and can remember past events like older RP scenes I still like to go back and read once in a while. That’s just part of how I am.

I tend to think outside the box a lot. Sometimes, my writing ideas get so expansive and out there that I’m the only one who understands them. When doing RP with a new player and/or character, I’ve noticed this more than once.

I am not trying to overwhelm or confuse people—definitely not on purpose.

I don’t drag people to go along with my plot ideas either. I don’t force anyone to get into storylines they want no part of, not at all. I only invite and enable! When someone wants no part of what I come up with, I back off. Simple enough, right? No arguments, no begging, or any other drama involved.

I may be very passionate and enthusiastic at times on writing, but I really do try to simplify my thinking processes down for others to understand. (Sometimes, it’s not easy being me.)

I’ve respectfully removed this OC and two complex AUs of others from one of the few RP communities I like, because they were/would be too much for most to want to interact with. Although, their frustration and confusion had frustrated me in return.

I wasn’t happy with myself. I was mentally kicking myself so hard that night, and felt like I had wasted my time trying to get into some idea sharing on the OOC of the same community. That is why I really wanted to write this entry out.

I know nobody’s perfect. Being the perfect role-player would be too stressful for me to do, so I won’t attempt it.

I really do pay attention and understand most (if not all) of the various reactions from people who can’t seem to follow me on anything. With that said, I’ll try harder to be more simple and to-the-point! In fact, I already am. Gradually.

In closing, to those of you who are still reading; thank you. I appreciate it!
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